Power365® Public Folders


Power365® Public Folders introduces a straight-forward approach to copying or transferring public folder information and permissions from one tenant to another, with flexibility to fit your needs. View the video and read below to learn more.

  • comprehensive.png Comprehensive

    Power365 Public Folders is included with Power365 Integration and Integration Pro. You get data and permissions—stamped based on matched discovery of users—migrated between Office 365 tenants.

  • synchronized-directory.png Synchronization

    One-way synchronization removes manual processes during the migration, ensuring data and content arrives at target locations. End users can quickly find files and folders, saving time and removing confusion from the migration.

  • control.png Control

    Power365 Public Folders avoids breaking delegations through automation, and you can map domains for a straight-forward migration. You can also define which parts of the hierarchy can be copied to the target tenant, for more options.

  • scheduling.png Schedule

    You can schedule public folder migration for times that work best for your organization. With full control over the schedule, you can make sure that productivity is not interrupted.

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    Automatically-Stamped Permissions

    With Power365 Public Folders, your permissions are automatically stamped based on a matched discovery of users.    One-way synchronization ensures your public folder data arrives in familiar, reliable destinations for end users.

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    Included with Integration

    Included as a part of Power365 Integration – as well as Integration Pro – Power365 Public Folders moves all of your public folder content, retaining permissions matched to auto discovery of users.