Power365® Usability


Power On with Power365® to jumpstart your multi-tenant migration project with many new advanced features and admin controls – all for an efficient transformation.  With constant improvement from customer feedback, Power365® is better than ever!

  • mail-migration.png Unlimited Migration

    Power365 provides truly unlimited migration. No limits on data passes, no data caps, and unlimited archive migration – all included in Power365.

  • flexible.png Enhanced Usability

    New features bring layout customization to parts of Power365, along with new error reporting and alerts. Additionally, the guided wizard has been simplified to speed up project tasks.

  • security.png Security & Access

    Power365 has reduced administrator roles and graph permissions, following a minimal access model, based on customer feedback. And with CA Veracode, Privacy Shield, and ISO 27001 certifications, you know your data is safe.

  • azure.png Multi-Geos

    Power365 supports Azure Geo Regions in the USA, Germany and China. Customers can move data and users to and from tenants within regions, meeting all data sovereignty rules and regulations.

  • synchronization.png Remediation

    Improvements to remediation reduce the need for support while delivering a self-service model – all for faster and more efficient migrations.

  • productivity.png Reporting

    Enhanced reporting brings real-time status monitoring throughout projects. Expanded dashboard views and more insightful error details enable faster analysis, reducing reliance on support calls and inquiries.

  • 1

    Unlimited Migration

    Power365 doesn’t place restrictive rules on your migration like other solutions. No more 50 GB data caps, no extra licenses for archives, and no restrictions to 10 migration passes. With Power365, your project is truly unlimited.

  • 2

    Usability and Navigation

    Power365 is easier to use than ever, all based on years of customer data and feedback, to make your migration experience more efficient.

  • 3


    Power365 provides unparalleled security with CA Veracode verification, ISO 27001 certification and Privacy Shield certification. In addition, Power365 now follows a minimal access model, with limited access rights for projects.

  • 4

    Project Management

    For faster migrations without reliance on support, Power365 now has a simplified self-service model for errors and sync interruptions. Now, your migration can be resumed quickly without delays.

  • 5


    From an expanded dashboard to real-time status monitoring, logging capabilities are deeper in Power365, all proving you the insight you need right at your fingertips.

  • 6

    Multi Geos

    Power365 Supports Office 365 Geos in multiple regions, to align with regional security requirements, including the United States, Western Europe, and China.