Expert Analytics for Domino

Discover the ‘DNA’ of Domino and Notes Applications

Expert Analytics for Domino is an automated solution for inspecting and analyzing Domino and Notes applications. Expert Analytics for Domino provides key insights on the design, functionality, categorization and usage of your applications. Expert Analytics for Domino will help you accurately determine the path, time, and cost of modernizing your Domino and Notes applications.

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    The main Dashboard allows you to quickly see how many users and applications are inactive and immediate consolidation opportunities in your environment.

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    Expert Analytics for Domino is a browser based interactive application that gathers and reports on critical elements of your Domino Application environment.

    Expert Analytics for Domino is available in English, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese. French and Swedish coming soon.

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    Environment Overview

    The environment overview depicts a high-level representations of the servers, users, groups, applications and storage utilized by your Domino environment.

    You will immediately see the amount of registered vs. active users and the number of applications that are actually being used.

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    Database Inventory

    The Database inventory will categorize findings into Applications, Mail-In DB’s, System DB’s, Mail Files, etc.

    It will also provide information on replica sets as well as Disk Usage.

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    Application Usage

    Application usage information is provided for every application that is analyzed. It will identify how often an application is used and how it used.

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    Identify Cost Centers

    Applications and usage can further be categorized by the department to fully understand which parts of the organization are and are not utilizing the Domino Platform.

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    Application Design

    Design elements are analyzed so that application complexity can be calculated.

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    Design and Code Analysis

    Design elements are further analyzed to understand which programming languages are being utilized.

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    Design and Code Analysis

    Design elements are also analyzed to identify code duplication. These findings are crucial when formulating modernization efforts.

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    Code Insights

    Code Insights are helpful to understand the composition of application design elements. These insights identify things like mail dependencies, hardcoded IP addresses, integration with other databases and much more.

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    Code Insights

    Code Insights are available at a very granular level. The actual code and other data points are available to review right within the PowerBA Application.

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    In addition to the myriad reports available out of the box there is an API available that allows you to generate customized reports based on the information that was collected.