E2E Express

Quickly and easily migrate email data between Office 365 tenants.

E2E Express is simple and secure software for migrating between Office 365 tenants, between hosted tenants, from hosted to cloud tenants, and more.

E2E Express on Laptop
  • E2E Express Migration Process

    E2E Express is Simple to Install and Use

    E2E Express installs in minutes and includes all of the software prerequisites needed to perform a migration on your own. Its simple user interface provides you with a straightforward approach to set up and run your migration.

  • E2E Express Profile Creation

    E2E Express is Flexible for Migrating Data with No Arbitrary Limits

    E2E Express provides the flexibility to allow you to migrate different amounts of data for different groups of users with no arbitrary limits. You can migrate as much data as you require or as your hosting provider allows. In addition, users' Outlook profiles can automatically be updated to open up the target mailboxes and users will maintain the ability to reply to migrated messages.

  • Diagram of E2E Express Migration

    E2E Express Enables Fast and Scalable Migrations

    Our Exchange migration wizard, E2E Express, migrates mailbox and online archive content efficiently to on-premises and cloud-based environments, and can distribute the workload over multiple servers or workstations to scale performance.

  • E2E Express Migration Diagram

    E2E Express Supports Migrations between Cloud and Hosting Providers

    If you need to switch hosting providers or support a merger, acquisition or divestiture initiative, E2E Express can support your tenant-to-tenant migration between cloud and hosting providers.

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