CMT for Notes

Our Solution for User Mailbox Data Migration from Microsoft Exchange to IBM Notes and Domino

CMT for Notes is the only tool you need to drastically reduce the time, effort and cost of migrating from Microsoft Exchange to IBM Lotus Notes. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and is capable of migrating any number of users as well as any data types. It is administrator-driven and requires no end-user interaction. CMT for Notes has been used to migrate millions of users worldwide.

CMT for Notes on Laptop
  • CMT for Notes Overview

    Streamline the Migration of Email from Exchange to Domino

    CMT for Notes is an enterprise email migration software solution and can manage large Exchange-to-Lotus Notes migrations - up to and beyond 50,000 users at one time. There is no limit to the number of users that can be imported from a source directory.

  • Overview of CMT for Notes

    Wizards Help You to Set Up Your Migration Project

    CMT for Notes has wizards that set up specific functions such as importing users, registration to the Domino directory, and the server-to-server migration processes.

  • CMT for Notes - Managing the Migration

    A Central Dashboard Guides You Through the Exchange-to-Lotus Notes Migration

    CMT for Notes supports migrations to Notes and Domino and has an easy- to-use user interface. It features date filtering for migrating mail, calendar, and tasks during an Exchange server-to- server migration.

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