Azure Cost Governance


The cloud brings unparalleled agility and scalability that enables organizations to innovate faster. Without governance, cloud spend can easily get out-of-control leading to budget overruns. Now with Binary Tree’s Azure Cost Governance, organizations can turn waste into value and invest in the cloud with confidence.

  • oversight.png SPEND INSIGHT

    Understand cloud spend: clarify the who, why and when behind cloud spend behaviors and projects.

  • savings.png ACCOUNTABILITY

    Establish accountability for cost ownership across teams and budget group leaders.

  • drag-and-drop.png SPEND CLARITY

    Clearly define spend by ROI, customer, product and project.

  • resolutions.png IDENTIFY WASTE

    Evaluate spend to identify waste versus valuable cloud investment.

  • day-one-efficiency.png INFORMED DECISIONS

    Empower business leaders to make data-driven decisions into cloud investments to support business value.

  • unified.png TOP-DOWN ENTITLEMENT

    Gain knowledge into cloud spend from budget owners to technical talent and end users, giving entitlement to business units to maintain cloud budgets.

  • 1

    Azure Cost Governance

    Azure Cost Governance has an intuitive user interface, helping you eliminate wasted cloud spend, allowing for reduce cloud costs or even valuable reinvestment into strategic, business initiatives.

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    Expand Beyond Cost Management

    Azure Cost Governance builds on top of standard Azure cost management solutions, by driving accountability for cloud spend across business and budget owners.