Planning can make or break your migration. With our clients, we often find that planning takes longer than the migration itself. If you don’t take the time to plan, you’re likely to join the 66% who overrun their schedule and the 70% who go over budget. Here’s how you can beat these odds and deliver a successful, efficient migration.

Choose the right method

Migrations aren’t one size fit all. So you’ll need to choose a tool or service that’s flexible enough to adapt to your scenario. Maybe you decide to migrate yourself, either manually or with an automated tool. Or maybe you bring in an expert like Binary Tree (or one of our partners) to take care of your migration from end-to-end.

Assess your environment

Before you get started, it’s best to do a thorough assessment of your current environment. This gives you a detailed inventory of what you want to migrate—and what you don’t. Plus, you can find and fix any issues with your systems that might stall your migration or impact your users. We’ve found that by doing a proactive assessment with our clients, it can save 2-4 times the cost of fixing issues later.

Plan every facet of your move

This is where you leave no stone unturned. Here, you should answer questions like:

  • Can you migrate everyone at once? Or do you need to schedule batches?
  • How long will it take to migrate?
  • Do you need to do a dry run or pilot?
  • How will you roll back if there are any issues midstream?
  • Do you need to keep separate systems in sync while you migrate?
  • How will you communicate with users about the move? Do they need an option to reschedule their move time?
  • How will you migrate remote users?
  • Will your data stay secure?

Write it down

As you answer the questions above, write them down into a project playbook. More than half of organizations neglect to put together a playbook for these types of projects. So everything stays murky and it’s easy to forget details that could be valuable if the project changes hands or if you have to do it all again in the future.

Power through with a partner

A great way to power through the planning phase is to partner with someone who’s done this before. Our global, in-house teams have enterprise migrations down to a science. We can help you check the right boxes and get ready to migrate your email, applications, and directories, including to or within the cloud. And our spectrum of software and services is customizable and flexible enough to handle even the most complex scenarios. Contact us to get started.


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