Unify Microsoft Teams Across Tenants to Accelerate M&As

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Between the global 10-year high for M&As, the ever-increasing growth of the cloud, and an amazing rise in the use of Microsoft Teams, chances are fairly high that an M&A-related transformation of your Microsoft collaboration environment is in your near future.

Join Dennis Rothmel, Director of Product Architecture at Binary Tree, as he provides insights into the challenges, requirements, and solutions for migrating Microsoft Teams between Office 365 cloud tenants. Learn how to ensure a successful migration – while avoiding downtime, reducing late-night hours and weekend projects, and improving end-user collaboration as a unified entity.

In this webinar, our speaker will:

  • Explore the challenges of migrating Teams between Office 365 tenants
  • Review the requirements for transforming Teams across tenants without interrupting your users
  • Demonstrate how to move Teams between cloud environments with Power365

Join us and get ready to be the star of your Teams migration project!

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