Partnering with a Winning Team - Discover Binary Tree Transformation Solutions

7/10/18 | Jul 10, 2018 11:00 AM EDT | GoToWebinar Globe Icon

Before Microsoft Inspire 2018, join Pete Caldecort, Binary Tree’s Senior Director of Products, and Dawn Fretwell, Director of Global Partners and Channel, as they cover Binary Tree’s lineup of transformation software solutions and the Binary Tree Partner Program.

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探讨Domino 退役和其应用程序迁移的议题 | Binary Tree

7/3/18 | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM HKT | 线上 Globe Icon

如果您已为您的机构准备了Domino 服务器的邮箱迁移,你也应该开始规划如何迁移其应用程序以削减维护 Domino 服务器的成本,並在最后把整台Domino服务器完全退役出来。 但是, 您明白怎样才是正确的方法吗?

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Watch All Binary Tree On-Demand Webinars

1/1/17 | 0:00 | Online Globe Icon

Watch on-demand and downloadable versions of webinars on best practices and solutions for migrating email, directories and servers.

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