Domino and Notes Application Modernization Workshop

(On-Site: USD $2,400)

Work directly with Notes Application experts.

Notes and Domino has been an incredibly powerful and useful enterprise platform for over 20 years and may or may not continue to flourish under new ownership by HCL.

Many clients worldwide find themselves having to make a strategic decision on the future of this platform in the context of their overall application and cloud strategy. 

Binary Tree has been helping clients in the Notes/Domino Market for over 25 years and would like an opportunity to share our Subject Matter Expertise with you. The goal of this workshop is to explore many of the elements for consideration and options available when considering the future of your Notes/Domino environment. Often, the only options are to either pursue a Notes/Domino Retirement Program or a Notes/Domino Retention and Enhancement program. Sometimes it is a combination of the two.

During this workshop, we will ask you to share as much summary level information about your current Notes/Domino environment as you may have. Our Subject Matter Expert will then detail the technical, business and end user considerations and options available to pursue a retirement or retention program.

Deliverable: No later than 7 business days after the conclusion of this workshop, you will have in your possession a roadmap to accomplish the multi-faceted aspects of retiring the Notes/Domino platform or retaining and modernizing (if required) all, or a subset of it, along with cost of ownership options.


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