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Essentials for Merger & Acquisition Success

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (M&As) continue to be an important strategic lever for enterprise growth. The expectations of IT teams to adapt quickly to organisational change and disruption is critical for success.

In this roundtable event, our M&A experts from Cloud Essentials and Binary Tree will look at key challenges relating to the migration, integration and separation of Microsoft Office, file storage, eDiscovery and Business Intelligence platforms, and best strategies for ensuring ‘business as usual’ on day 1 and beyond.

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Domino and Notes Application Modernization Workshop

Work directly with Notes Application experts.

The goal of this workshop is to explore many of the elements for consideration and options available when considering the future of your Notes/Domino environment. No later than 7 business days after the conclusion of this workshop, you will have in your possession a roadmap to accomplish the multi-faceted aspects of retiring the Notes/Domino platform or retaining and modernizing (if required) all, or a subset of it, along with cost of ownership options.

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