Binary Tree rolls out a free assessment to kick start Domino and Notes application modernization

A planning process to figure out the steps, timing, and cost to modernize Domino and Notes applications

KENDALL PARK, NJOctober 18, 2018 – Gartner estimates that there are 20 million Lotus Notes Applications in production today, 2 million of which are mission critical. Over the past 10 years, many of these have evolved to become quite complex, supporting countless business processes and workflows. But with IBM appearing increasingly ambivalent toward the platform, clients around the world need a roadmap for modernizing these applications.

“Many of our Notes clients have already migrated their mail systems to the cloud. Now, they want to capitalize on that investment by modernizing their applications and moving them to modern alternatives,” said Steve Derbyshire, President of Domino Transformation Solutions at Binary Tree. “I am excited that here at Binary Tree we are able to offer a complete solution to help them get there.”

Introducing The DNA

To help clients figure out what’s next for Notes, Binary Tree is offering a free version of their Domino and Notes Analyzer (DNA). In this service, Binary Tree will work with the client to determine which applications will be analyzed.  The result of the analysis will be detailed reports and a roadmap that shows options for where to move the application, including how much effort, cost, and time each will take. Here are examples of the options and possible recommended solutions.

Option 1: Archive

Applications that have low or no end-user usage can be shut down and archived using a Binary Tree solution called DoMigrator.

Option 2: Move to a SaaS platform

For applications that are a good fit to move to a platform like Microsoft SharePoint or SQL Server, Binary Tree can also use DoMigrator to get them there.

Option 3: Redevelop on modern technology

Some applications might be mission critical but are also highly customized and complex. These are often great candidates for Binary Tree’s Domino and Notes Application Migrator. Here, applications are migrated ‘like-for-like’ to a modern browser-based interface on a SQL backend that is run on Azure or in a client’s data center. The migrated applications retain 100% of their user interface, business logic, security and data. This approach minimizes change management and documentation updates, leaving the user interface and workflows unchanged. If needed, more modernization and enhancements can then begin.

Option 4: Set up a managed service on Azure

Lastly, applications that have to stay on Domino and be used with the Notes client can be moved to Binary Tree’s managed service Domino on Azure. In this service, clients can deploy internal IT resources more strategically while Binary Tree takes care of the daily management, maintenance and support of the Domino servers and Notes applications. 

What customers are saying

Since Binary Tree rolled out its Domino Application services in 2016, a growing number of clients have already taken advantage of them. Here’s what one satisfied customer said about the experience.

“Binary Tree’s Domino on Azure Managed Service has helped us to significantly reduce our Lotus Notes footprint and eliminated the need for internal support resources for managing and maintaining the Domino server environment,” said Linda Morris, Global Collaboration Leader at Chemours. “We are now in the process of identifying solutions to completely exit Lotus Notes in a cost-effective manner while leveraging our investment in cloud technology.”

About Binary Tree

Binary Tree offers an ever-growing collection of software, services and SaaS solutions—all designed to help enterprises everywhere transform in the Microsoft cloud, merge organizations and modernize business processes.  Through its business-first approach, Binary Tree helps organizations plan, move, and manage transformations that involve Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure and business applications.  The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner that helps clients move faster, do more with their investment and save money along the way.  Binary Tree has served 8,000 global clients and 50% of the Fortune 500 to transform the productivity and collaboration of 42 million users, including moving 7.5 million users to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.  The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a globally preferred vendor, with headquarters outside New York City and global offices in France, Germany, Singapore, Sweden and the U.K.  For more, visit


AmyKelly Petruzzella

Senior Director, Global Marketing, Binary Tree