Binary Tree announces new SaaS: Power365 Directory Sync

The simple, flexible, and secure way to sync Active Directories across on-premises or Microsoft Azure.

KENDALL PARK, N.J. – (April 25, 2018) – With mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures on the rise, organizations need better, faster ways to unify their directories and help users work together on day one and beyond. To meet this challenge, Binary Tree has launched Power365 Directory Sync, a cloud-based directory synchronization solution that can handle the most complex integration scenarios.

As the next evolution in Binary Tree’s spectrum of M&A solutions, Power365 Directory Sync delivers a directory synchronization solution that is easy to use, flexible, and secure. It helps organizations sync multiple Active Directory and Azure AD environments – all with the goal of helping users in merging organizations find each other in a shared address book.

“Power365 Directory Sync combines the proven power of our on-premises Directory Pro solution with the simplicity of a cloud-based web app,” says Nick Wilkinson, CEO of Binary Tree. “It’s a complete solution for organizations that are going through a merger, acquisition or divestiture. Or those who need to co-exist or integrate with internal business units or external partners.”

With its web-based management interface and a compact local agent, Power365 Directory can be deployed in minutes, without setting up an Active Directory trust or even inter-forest network connectivity. Admins then get the power to sync users, groups, and contacts across environments, with granular control and unmatched security.

Key features include:

  • A cloud-based architecture that simplifies deployment, allows management from anywhere and reduces the complexity and requirements of on-premises infrastructure
  • The Easy Pro interface, designed to offer a guided, intuitive experience for users of all knowledge levels, while still maintaining advanced controls for professionals and delivery teams to streamline the configuration process
  • Sync Workflows, a powerful new model to define complex sync needs – configure multi-environment or bi-directional sync, trigger custom scripts and customize your sync to suit your needs
  • A security-first design with end-to-end encryption, strict data isolation, and minimal attack surfaces, all of which help ensure sensitive data stays protected

“Power365 Directory Sync is positioned to become the de-facto standard for day-one M&A integration projects,” said Pete Caldecourt, Senior Director of Product Management at Binary Tree. “Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, directory synchronization is enabled without inter-forest connectivity. This avoids the costly and time-consuming efforts of configuring VPNs, network routes, name server conditional forwarding, firewall rules and—most significantly—cross-organization health and compliance checks.”

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