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Inc. CEO Project Moves to Office 365 to enhance communications on a single, cloud platform

The Binary Tree experts hurdled all of our obstacles, challenges and points of friction. They demonstrated deep knowledge, abundant patience, and unwavering commitment to get us up and running.

- Pam Singleton, Partner, Inc. CEO Project

Professional training and advisory company Inc. CEO Project helps CEOs raise their own company’s performance through a peer advisory model. So when Inc. CEO needed to improve communications for their client base that is spread across the United States, they turned to Binary Tree and its consulting service.

The Binary Tree experts recommended a migration to Office 365 to take advantage of the unified communications and collaboration tools it offered. The Binary Tree team set up a three-phase project that included setting up and configuring an Office 365 tenant environment, training the Inc. CEO Project users to use Office 365 and finally migrating all the legacy email and calendar accounts to new Office 365 accounts.

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