Depending on the size of your move, this phase could take weeks or even months. But if you’ve done a great job in planning, this can actually be the easy part. You can make your move as smooth as possible by doing these things.

Set up coexistence

When you move to a new tool, you often can’t make the switch overnight. It can take weeks or months to get everyone on the same platform. So while you migrate, you can coexist two platforms to keep your users collaborating smoothly.

Do a dry run or pilot

For large, complex environments, you might want to do a dry run or even a pilot with actual users to make sure everything will migrate as you expect.

Tell your users what’s coming

IT teams can waste valuable time keeping everyone in the loop about the migration status. So it’s best to choose a migration tool that automates this communication. For example, Exchange Pro from Binary Tree includes an online portal where users can see their migration time, sign up for notifications, and even choose another date.

Train and support IT

Because migrations tend to happen infrequently, it’s unlikely anyone on your staff can remain an expert. So the right partner can come in and help you set up, configure, and test your migration environment. They can also stay on hand throughout the migration, in case something unexpected pops up.

Automate and customize

You can reduce the risk of human error by automating your move. And since no two migrations are alike, you need an automated tool that’s also flexible enough to adapt to the complexity and idiosyncrasies of your systems.

Schedule batches

For migrations with 2,500+ users, you need a predictable schedule with manageable groups of users that move over time. The tool should let you easily set up migration groups and even blackout windows. And it should accurately forecast how long each batch will take.

Keep your data secure

Security is a hot topic when it comes to migrations, especially in heavily regulated industries like healthcare, government, and finance. Unfortunately, many free and third-party tools to migrate use legacy protocols, which pose a huge security risk.

Deliver a positive user experience

Even one hour of downtime can rack up a hefty cost to the business. So as you migrate some users to a new platform, they still need to collaborate smoothly with their peers on a legacy platform.

Report on your status

Your migration software should give you automated reports with up-to-the-minute views of the migration status. For example, Binary Tree’s built-in charts and graphs let you quickly see completed and upcoming jobs.

Consider migration as a service

You don’t have to do all it yourself. Our award-winning suite of software and services help you modernize your technology securely and efficiently. We can move your email, applications, and directories, including to or within the cloud. And your users can keep working during the move. So no more costly downtime or late nights and weekends. Contact us to get started.

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