Migrations involve much more than moving users and data. It’s yet another project you have to manage, with all the usual trappings: leading meetings, documenting requirements, troubleshooting, communicating with users, training, and more. Here are key challenges our clients often face—and how Binary Tree can help.

Fix technical hiccups

Issues are likely to crop up here and there after the migration. Your migration software should have real-time data and analytics to help you spot any snags. And you can also engage a migration expert to quickly find and fix issues. This frees up your IT staff to focus on other tasks.

Answer user questions

Your users will likely have questions about the new software. But basic asks about new features can quickly overwhelm your help desk. To free up your IT team, Binary Tree offers an on-demand help desk that can field technical questions about 120 applications.

Train users on the new tool

You’ve just rolled out a shiny new tool. Now, you want to help your teams get the most of it. Studies show that people tend to rely on familiar, basic approaches that might not be as efficient. To help get your users up to speed faster, Binary Tree offers on-demand advisors, self-help resources like videos and how-to’s, and instructor-led training.

Keep integration working smoothly

Sometimes, you might need to coexist two tools for a while, even after an initial migration. Over time, tweaks to related systems can slow or even stop your integration. To make sure that it keeps performing at its best, Binary Tree offers periodic health checks to find and fix any issues before they disrupt your users.

Ready to get started?

If you’re like most organizations whose IT teams are stretched a bit thin, you might need a bit of help with this level of oversight. This is a great opportunity to engage a seasoned partner like Binary Tree to manage the project from end-to-end. We can plan your project, move your data, and even train your users. All the while, you stay focused on your core business. Contact us to get started.


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