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Power365® Tenant-to-Tenant

Power365 is a Software-as-a-Service product that solves Office 365 cross-tenant integration and content migration challenges for when your organization goes through a merger or acquisition, has users in multiple Office 365 tenants, like multinationals, or has separate operating divisions.


An overview of Power365 tenant-to-tenant solutions

Full Demo of Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant

A full demo of the key capabilities of Power365 T2T

Demo of Interface and Usage Basics

Demo of the interface and the basic functionality of Power365

Demo of Project Setup

Demo of how to set up a project in Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant

Demo of Project Review

A demo of how to review your Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant project

Demo of Users and Groups

How to manage users and groups in Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant

Demo of Migration Profiles

See how to set up migration profiles in Power365 T2T

Power365 User-Friendly Enhancements

New user-friendly enhancements to make projects even easier

Power365 Teams and Groups

Overview of Microsoft Groups and Teams migration capabilities

Active Directory Pro

Active Directory Pro software is designed for Active Directory migrations as it lets you merge, consolidate, or restructure Active Directory environments.

Overview Demo

An overview demo of Active Directory Pro

Deep Dive Demo

A deep dive demo into Active Directory Pro

Directory Sync Pro

Directory Sync Pro software helps organizations synchronize multiple instances of Active Directory or synchronize Active Directory with a Domino Directory.


An overview of Directory Sync Pro

FULL Demo of Directory Sync Pro

A full demo of the key capabilities

Demo of Configuring Sync Profiles

Configuring profiles for source and target

Demo of Users, Groups, and Devices Sync

How to sync users, groups, and devices

Demo of Configuring Exchange Migration

How to configure an Exchange migration

Demo of Running and Verifying the Sync

Configuring profiles for source and target

Demo of Bi-Directional Synchronization

How to set up a bi-directional sync

Configuration Summary

A summary of the software configuration

Demo of Reproducing Production

Reproduce your production Environment

Power365® Directory Sync

Power365 Directory Sync is a Software-as-a-Service product that helps establish Day One user collaboration for mergers, acquisitions and migration initiatives by enabling you to synchronize local, cloud and hybrid Active Directory environments in a single day.


An overview of Power365 Directory Sync

Key Features of Power365 Directory Sync

A demonstration of the key capabilities of Power365 Directory Sync

Dashboard, Components & Environments

Dashboard, components, and how to manage environments

Password Synchronization

Synchronize passwords between AD environments


Create templates to manage your objects

Managing Agents, Alerts and Scripts

Manage agents, alerts and scripts


Automation elements into a functioning synchronization

Monitoring and Themes

Monitor synchronizations & choose user interface theme

Domino Application Services

Binary Tree’s Domino Application Services create a clear and realistic approach for transforming your legacy Domino applications and retiring your Domino environment.


An overview of the solution

Domino and Notes Application Migrator

Domino and Notes Application Migrator is an automated solution for migrating your custom Domino applications 'like-for-like' to modern web applications in Microsoft Azure.


An overview of the solution

Exchange Pro

Exchange Pro simplifies enterprise Exchange migrations to newer versions or even Office 365, saving time and money through automation and efficiency.


An overview of Exchange Pro

Plan a Migration

Plan a mailbox migration to Office 365

Migrate Public Folders

Migrate Exchange public folders to Office 365

Migrate Delegates

Discover and migrate mailbox delegates

Controls and Communications

Admins stay in control and users stay informed

Office 365 Groups

Enable modern collaboration