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Local government in Scotland modernizes to Office 365

The Binary Tree Migrator for Notes software was reliable and robust for us. We could rely on it to make sure that it was going to do the job that we wanted. The support Binary Tree provided was outstanding and the e-Learning platform enables us to scale up the productivity of our people today and in the future.

--Project Manager, Local Scottish Council

The Scottish Council government knew they needed to replace their aging on-premises Lotus Notes and Domino email system with a cloud-based solution. Notes was not giving them the functionality they wanted long-term and was not well liked by their users, so the decision was made to switch to Microsoft Exchange Online in the Office 365 cloud.

The council brought in Binary Tree to fill in the missing capabilities. They selected Binary Tree by Quest Migrator for Notes software to migrate their users mail from Notes to Exchange Online. And to supplement their training resources, they chose Binary Tree’s online e-Learning system to help their users quickly become productive in the Office 365 cloud.

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