Feel free to watch videos on our software, services and solutions for migrating email, directories and servers.

   Office 365 Tenant Integration and Migration Videos

Unify and move users between two or more Office 365 tenants to support mergers or long-term multi-tenant coexistence.

   Mergers and Acquisitions Videos

When you undergo a big organizational change like a merger or acquisition, you can face both exciting and disruptive challenges. Tackle those challenges with services and solutions from Binary Tree, ensuring the most efficient and effective transformations possible, to drive your success.

   Active Directory Migration Videos 

See how you can merge, consolidate, or restructure Active Directory environments.

   Directory Synchronization Videos

Synchronize multiple instances of Active Directory or synchronize Active Directory with a Domino Directory.

   Notes and Domino Modernization Videos

Save time and money with a clear and realistic approach for legacy Domino application transformation.