Product Documentation

Feel free to download users guides, installation and configuration guides, release notes and other product documentation on our migration software. No registration required.

Exchange Pro (formerly named E2E Complete)
Exchange Pro Fast Start Guide
Exchange Pro Installation and Configuration Guide
Exchange Pro User Guide
Exchange Pro Release Notes​

Active Directory Pro (formerly named SMART Active Directory Migrator)
Active Directory Pro 10.2 Comprehensive User Guide
Active Directory Pro 10.2 Release Notes
Active Directory Pro 10.2 Requirements

Directory Sync Pro (formerly named SMART Directory Sync)
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 Installation Guide
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 Known Limitations
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 Release Notes
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 Requirements
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 User Guide for AD Migration Synchronization and Exchange Migration.
Directory Sync Pro 5.1 User Guide for Domino-Active Directory Synchronization

Notes Archive Migrator | CMT
Notes Archive Migrator 2.5 Release Notes
Notes Archive Migrator 2.5 User Guide

Notes Integration | CMT (formerly named CMT for Coexistence)
Notes Integration BTCal 5.5 Known Limitations
Notes Integration BTCal 5.5 Release Notes
Notes Integration BTCal 5.5 User Guide
Notes Integration Free/Busy 3.6 Known Limitations
Notes Integration Free/Busy 3.6 Release Notes
Notes Integration Free/Busy 3.6 User Guide

Notes Migrator | CMT (formerly named CMT for Exchange)
Notes Migrator 4.5 Installation and Configuration Guide
Notes Migrator 4.5 Known Limitations
Notes Migrator 4.5 Release Notes
Notes Migrator 4.5 User Guide for Office 365
Notes Migrator 4.5 User Guide

Power365 Prerequisites

Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT
Self-Service Archive Migrator 1.2.6 Known Limitations
Self-Service Archive Migrator 1.2.6 Release Notes
Self-Service Archive Migrator 1.2.6 User Guide