Werfen, a Global Leader in In Vitro Diagnostics, Discovers a Modern Workplace in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud After a Timely Leap from SmartCloud

“Binary Tree is the only solution that offers full coexistence and a customized migration between SmartCloud and Office 365.”

— Aleix Solà, Systems & Cloud Computing Team Manager at ASM Web Services

The Challenge

Werfen is a long-time Notes and Domino customer that moved to SmartCloud a few years ago. While being in the cloud offered some benefits, Werfen wanted to provide its users with new collaboration and productivity capabilities. So, it investigated Office 365 and decided to transition to the Microsoft cloud.

The Solution

When Werfen needed guidance on the move from SmartCloud to Office 365, it brought in ASM Web Services which had originally helped Werfen transition from on-premises Notes to SmartCloud. To address Werfen’s concern that the migration might disrupt its users, ASM recommended the use of Binary Tree’s CMT software.

Binary Tree’s Notes Integration CMT provided the rich coexistence between SmartCloud and Office 365 that Werfen was looking for to ensure their users could continue to collaborate regardless of their migration status. And ASM was able to customize Binary Tree’s Notes Migrator CMT to provide a transition that met Werfen’s specific requirements and environment.

The Results

To date, about two-thirds of Werfen’s users have been successfully migrated from SmartCloud to Office 365 with the remaining users planned to be moved safely before SmartCloud reaches end-of-life in July 2020. Werfen’s internal training department is helping the migrated users to quickly become productive in the Microsoft cloud.

“Good planning, customization, scalability and performance are ensuring the success of the migration project at Werfen,” stated Aleix Solà, systems and cloud computing team manager at ASM Web Services.


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