Manufacturer Adopts Cloud Solution to Reduce Email Costs by 40 Percent

“By choosing Office 365, we acquired more capabilities and capacity, and we saved about 40 percent in costs compared to what we previously spent on email alone.”

- John Hill, Chief Information Officer, Veyance Technologies



Based in Fairlawn, Ohio, Veyance Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products worldwide, such as air springs, power transmission products, conveyor belts and services, industrial and hydraulic hoses, and rubber track and molded rubber products. Veyance serves a variety of markets, including the military, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Formerly known as Goodyear Engineered Products, the company changed its name to Veyance Technologies in 2007 after being spun off from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Veyance has more than 9,000 associates, with facilities in 21 countries around the world. Each of the major facilities ran its business as an independent operation with its own back-office services, such as accounting, HR, IT, and customer service. In 2011, new executive leadership decided to introduce shared services with the goal to transform the business into a connected global enterprise to reduce costs and better compete in the marketplace. John Hill, the Chief Information Officer at Veyance Technologies, explains, “Veyance had lots of duplicated services and fragmented business processes across different regions. We wanted to change the business to operate as a global enterprise by improving communications and collaboration capabilities and using shared services to provide uniform service levels across the company.”


To meet the pace and speed in which the new leadership team wanted to achieve change, Veyance decided to explore cloud-based solutions as a new IT strategy. Hill says, “We wanted to transition to the cloud to enable a global infrastructure, achieve rapid implementation, and take advantage of the cost savings that cloud solutions provide.” The search for a cloud-based global communications and collaboration solution led Veyance to select Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 delivers Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online as a connected solution, along with the familiar Office applications in Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Office 365 ProPlus is the full client version of Office delivered as a service. It includes applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. “We looked at alternative solutions, but we felt that these solutions lacked the breadth of enterprise capabilities we needed, such as a full-featured Office suite and the ability to work effectively in a disconnected state,” says Hill. “Microsoft creates additional value for our business, and we knew that our employees would appreciate the synergy of using one connected solution; something that alternative solutions cannot provide.”


Because of its rapid deployment of Office 365 cloud-based services, Veyance quickly modernized its communications and collaboration infrastructure and empowered its employees to support its business transformation strategy. Hill says, “We had a strategy to operate as a global enterprise, and without Office 365, we would not be able to pursue that strategy as effectively. Office 365 is a real catalyst to enabling employee communications and collaboration for the purpose of creating customer value.”

Enable Global Business Transformation

By adding Lync Online and SharePoint Online to its global infrastructure, Veyance employees can now easily access company expertise and skills that exist in other parts of the world. Employees can not only...

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