A Clear View to More Collaborative Communications for VELUX Group Through Careful Planning, Analysis, and Coexistence

“Binary Tree earned its reputation as our trusted advisor—working closely with Microsoft and our team to address the optimal number of users for our two pilots and each subsequent migration wave. They also assisted with our need for coexistence resulting in a smooth migration and stable user experience.”

- Velux Project Manager


The VELUX Group was on a mission, called One VELUX, to create a more efficient, cohesive global business infrastructure. The company needed to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and reinvest into building better products at lower prices in order to remain relevant and competitive. To effect this change, the company’s employees needed a better way to communicate and collaborate with each other.


Working with partners Accenture and Microsoft, almost 6,000 employees were migrated to Office 365 over six weekends. Through careful analysis and discussion, Binary Tree was able to advise VELUX on its infrastructure needs and how best to implement the migration. After collaboration and analysis, it was decided that there would be two pilot migrations followed by five waves of velocity migration–all over a six-week period of time. Once the infrastructure was built, everything went very smoothly throughout the migration.

VELUX also selected Binary Tree’s Remote Managed Migration-as-a-Service with fixed per-user pricing, whereby we helped to migrate the customer’s email, calendar entries, contacts, and to-dos remotely, saving the expense of on-site consultants, exorbitant hourly rates, and travel costs. In addition, Binary Tree’s Notes Integration CMT enabled email and calendar interoperability between VELUX’s migrated and un-migrated users during the migration, as well as enabling users to continue to use Lotus Notes email-enabled workflow applications within Outlook for as long into the future as needed.


As a result of the entire IT infrastructure upgrade, the VELUX Group is building a more connected organization through efficient, consolidated business functions, while maintaining a strong local sales presence in 40 countries. Its team of sales representatives can connect to their local offices using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This increase in productivity “on the road” enhances customer service overall and helps optimize sales. Regardless of the location of a VELUX employee, they can stay current with department or project information—increasing a sense of corporate pride and helping the company realize its vision of One VELUX.


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