US Subsidiary of One of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers


“Our project timeline was actually delayed and E2E Complete helped to get the project back on target. We learned we could migrate 24 hours a day without needing to worry about overwhelming the system and that really helped the migration timeline.”

- IS Manager, US Subsidiary of One of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers


Overview and Background of the Customer

With plants in the US and Mexico, this domestic subsidiary of one of the world’s largest automakers designs, engineers, and produces many popular models for the US market. It also provides marketing, financing, distribution, and services in Canada, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US, and it oversees sales of their luxury brand of cars in North America.

The subsidiary coordinates all operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico including automotive styling, consumer, and corporate financing and engineering. Their mission is to provide all of their employees and dealers with the tools they need for constant improvement and consumer satisfaction.

Bringing Email In-House to Reduce Costs and Add Capabilities

After using an externally hosted email service for many years, the automaker determined it would be more cost-effective to implement and manage the email service in-house. In addition, their hosted environment was based on Exchange 2007 and they wanted to upgrade to Exchange 2010 to take advantage of the newer platform’s enhanced capabilities.

This decision meant a migration effort would be necessary to move the mailboxes of their 9,800 users from the hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 servers to their new in-house Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment.

Expert Migration Assistance from Binary Tree Partner KiZAN

The automaker’s migration involved two major activities: Building the underlying environment and performing the migration planning and management tasks. For assistance with both activities, the automaker chose KiZAN, a Binary Tree Accredited Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner that recommended the use of Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software to assist with the migration.


“We didn’t have the staff to build a new Exchange environment, so we wanted to find someone who had done this before because we felt this would help the migration project be more successful. The KiZAN team did a great job of assessing, designing, and building our new environment, then performing the migration itself.”

– IS Manager, US Subsidiary of One of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers


Preparing for the Migration

For the IT infrastructure, the automaker didn’t need to make any modifications or upgrades before the migration other than deploying the servers and associated elements for the new Exchange environment.

Before starting the full migration, KiZAN staff and the newly formed Exchange team at the automaker conducted a few pilot migrations. The pilots involved 1,000 users from multiple areas across the company and allowed the team to learn how the Binary Tree software would work and how users would react to the migration process.

The pilots were completed successfully and the scheduling capabilities in E2E Complete provided the information necessary to plan the full migration. “We learned we could migrate 24 hours a day without needing to worry about overwhelming the system and that really helped the migration timeline,” says the IS manager.

Streamlining the Migration with Binary Tree’s E2E Complete

KiZAN used Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software to migrate 9,800 mailboxes that were moved from the hosted service to the automaker’s new Exchange environment. Encompassing approximately 10 TB of mailbox data for users in five locations, the migration process was run around the clock in order to accelerate the schedule.

Users received messages generated automatically by E2E Complete based on their scheduled migration date and could also check the migration status in the product’s self-service portal.

The Benefits and Results

Overall, by drawing on the capabilities of Binary Tree E2E Complete and the expert migration services of KiZAN, the automaker enjoyed a controlled, timely, and efficient migration of its Microsoft Exchange environment.

  • An accurate migration schedule. “By using the Binary Tree software, we were absolutely on target with our migration schedule,” says the IS manager. “It would have been much more difficult if we had needed to figure out the scheduling manually.”
  • Clear, useful reports. The migration status and progress reports provided by E2E Complete helped the automaker’s team explain the migration project and demonstrate an on-track schedule to company leaders.
  • Minimal impact on users. From the perspective of users, the migration was seamless. “Most users didn’t notice any difference in their email service,” says the IS manager.

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