Keeping Financial Data Secure on the Go with Microsoft EMS

With the move towards mobility and use of the cloud for employees, against a backdrop of the rising number of cybersecurity attacks, I firmly believe that Binary Tree services with MSFT EMS is uniquely positioned to be the champion of change for this new work experience and digital transformation.”

- Jack Bofinger, CTO at Sterling National Bank


The Challenge

People these days work from anywhere and everywhere. Which means IT teams face the challenge of keeping their organization’s data secure. No matter where their users roam, what device they use, or what network they log on to.

A goal of letting people work from anywhere

That’s why many organizations are moving to Microsoft 365. They want to free their users to be more productive wherever, whenever, and however they want—while still keeping sensitive data secure as if a user were working onsite.

Our experts recently worked with a large financial institution that wanted to adopt Microsoft 365 for exactly these reasons. They wanted to empower their users to stay secure and productive with their favorite apps and devices.

A concern with security in the cloud

But like many organizations, the client was initially cautious about security in the cloud. Given the sensitive nature of their business, they needed to make sure their data stayed protected across mobile devices, which run a higher risk of being lost or stolen.

“Take out your cell, unlock it, and hand it to the first stranger you see,” says Jon Monroe, Senior Solutions Architect at Binary Tree. “That’s what this client worried it could be like if they moved their data to the Microsoft cloud.”

To overcome this concern, they needed to make sure that devices in the cloud followed strict rules to access their systems. Namely, that mobile device should:

  • Be domain joined
  • Join on an approved network
  • Have multi-factor authentication in place


Binary Tree assisted Sterling to roll out Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) across their systems and devices:

  • Set up data center IP and VPN as trusted networks
  • Turn on Azure Multifactor Authentication
  • Join or register mobile devices to Azure Active Directory
  • Create conditional access policies to restrict access
  • Test everything to make sure it was working as expected
  • Expand these security policies to other workloads of Microsoft 365


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