PXP Solutions and Kalixa Merge and Rebrand as PXP Financial with the Help of Binary Tree and Cloud Essentials

“Working with Cloud Essentials and Binary Tree to deploy Power365’s Address Rewrite service was done quickly and professionally.  Both Cloud Essentials and Binary Tree supported us in the migration throughout and we are looking forward to continuing working with Cloud Essentials and Binary Tree to complete the migration.”

—James Russell, Senior Infrastructure Analyst at PXP Solutions


The Challenge

PXP Solutions and Kalixa were planning to merge into a single brand as PXP Financial in a matter of a few weeks. The IT team was challenged to quickly enable the staff of both companies, who were in two different Office 365 tenants, to be able to send and receive email using the email domain of the new brand for the brand relaunch.

The Solution

Cloud Essentials used Binary Tree’s Power365® Integration Pro SaaS solution to integrate the two Office 365 tenants and unify the email domains for the launch of the new PXP Financials brand.  In the next phase of the merger, Cloud Essentials will leverage the Power365 solution to consolidate the PXP and Kalixa Office 365 domains into a single tenant.

The Results

The users in both merging organizations are now able to send and receive emails using the new PXP Financial email domain while continuing to maintain their legacy email addresses until they could be phased out after the two Office 365 tenants are consolidated into a single tenant.


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