Orangina Schweppes Improves Email Reliability by Migrating from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange

“Because we had a complex migration, we appreciated how well the Orangina Schweppes, Neos-SDI, and Binary Tree teams worked together to ensure everything went smoothly without disruption to more than
2,000 users.”

—Fabien Florent, Chief Technical Officer, Orangina Schweppes


Corporate Overview

Orangina Schweppes is the number three player in the European soft drinks market. The company markets, bottles and distributes a number of soft drinks through a unique portfolio of leading and iconic brands such as Orangina, Schweppes, Oasis, Trina, La Casera, Sunny Delight and Pulco and niche brands such as Champomy, Gini, Vida and Pampryl. The company employs 2,500 staff. Although Western Europe remains the company’s core market, the company’s products are sold in over 60 countries, reaching as far as Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. They are also always on the lookout for ways to add to their portfolio of fun and fitness. To that end, Brunswick often acquires other recreation companies.

The Challenges of Migrating Messaging and Data Centers in Parallel

As part of a corporate decision to use Microsoft platforms, Orangina Schweppes wanted to migrate its messaging services from a hosted Lotus Notes 7.5 platform to a hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment. This migration would be made in parallel with the company’s planned move to a new service provider for an outsourced data center.

With the challenges of two migrations, Orangina Schweppes needed to support coexistence of Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange in both data centers during the migration, as well as maintain access to certain Lotus Notes applications after the migration was complete.

Neos-SDI, a global systems integrator, recommended Binary Tree software to Orangina Schweppes. “Neos-SDI has been a long-time consultant for us and they know the Microsoft world very well,” says Fabien Florent, Chief Technical Officer, Orangina Schweppes. “We chose Binary Tree software because of its quality reputation, high level of functionality, flexibility to adapt the tools to our specific needs, and ability to manage the Lotus Notes and Exchange coexistence.” 

A Team Effort for a Global Migration

Working collaboratively, the teams from Orangina Schweppes, Neos-SDI and Binary Tree used CMT for Exchange to migrate from the previously hosted Lotus Domino service to the new Exchange environment in a different data center, hosted by a different service provider. Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence provided the necessary interoperability between the Lotus Notes and Exchange environments during and after the migration.

Neos-SDI designed the coexistence and migration architecture, and all three teams worked together to perform the actual migration and coexistence tasks. All migration activities were conducted on time, within the four-month schedule that was established.

To verify that the migration would work as expected, the teams conducted a small pilot project involving 30 users in the Orangina Schweppes IT department. Based on a successful pilot, the full migration involved 15 locations and more than 2,200 mailboxes including shared, room and resources mailboxes.

“During the migration, there was no impact whatsoever to our users,” says Fabien Florent. “They simply clicked on a link to update their mailbox contacts and decrypt any encrypted content prior to the migration.”

Orangina Schweppes offered training sessions for users as well as placing information online.

Today, the Exchange environment is configured on two servers in the same hosted data center. One server is primary while the second server is available for backup with replicated data.


Benefits to Orangina and their Users

By performing the Exchange migration with the Binary Tree solutions, Orangina Schweppes gained several benefits.

Integrated messaging and directory

The messaging integration included Microsoft Active Directory to support single sign-on, a feature that is greatly appreciated by users.

Application coexistence

By using the Zero-touch Application Remediation (ZApp) component in CMT for Coexistence, Orangina Schweppes users can continue to access the shared database and workflows of Lotus Notes applications from Microsoft Outlook until these applications are replaced with Exchange-compatible solutions.

Minimal user impact

“We wanted to maintain the continuity of messaging services and the same level of productivity for our users throughout the migration,” says Fabien Florent. “Although we had a complex migration, the Binary Tree, Neos-SDI, and Orangina Schweppes teams worked well together to ensure there was no impact on our users.”

Improved reliability of the messaging environment

The Microsoft Exchange environment has delivered smooth performance, without the server and backup issues that Orangina Schweppes experienced in the Lotus Domino environment.


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