A Merger of Global Consumer Packaging Leaders is Expedited with Day 1 Collaboration and the Consolidation of their Office 365 Tenants

The Situation

A $13 billion global leader in responsible packaging acquired a similar company to add additional scale, capabilities, and footprint to strengthen their value proposition and generate significant value for shareholders.

The Challenge

Based upon a commitment to sustainability and reducing waste, this organization knew that innovating new products would require a modern workplace that promotes team collaboration. 

Finding a technology that could help the organization to achieve this goal by empowering their people to communicate and collaborate effectively on Day One of the acquisition became a priority

The Solution

Working with Binary Tree, through workshops and discovery sessions, this multinational organization was able to connect their people for collaboration quickly and without disruption.  This ability to easily work together and develop new teams provided the right environment for a successful incorporation of the acquired staff members.

Binary Tree helped to integrate the acquired users into a unified environment with efficient communication and collaboration capabilities. These capabilities, in turn, enabled the organization to foster building trust among the new team members.

The Results

The project took less than two weeks of consulting, as our SaaS solution, Power365 and our Active Directory Pro software, did all the heavy lifting.  Since technology was taken care of, the company could focus on other strategic goals for integrating the two organizations.

Within days of completing the acquisition, the customer was able to begin the divestiture process on several factory assets, as they were fully enabled and empowered on the Microsoft platform.



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