Inc. CEO Project Moves to the Office 365 Cloud to Enhance Communications and Collaboration

“The Binary Tree experts hurtled all of our obstacles, challenges, and points of friction. They demonstrated deep knowledge, abundant patience, and unwavering commitment to get us up and running. Our CEO and team members are happy with Office 365 and thrilled with Binary Tree – thank you!”

— Pam Singleton, Partner, Inc. CEO Project

The Challenge

The advisors and staff of Inc. CEO Project, who typically operate remotely from each other, had been using a variety of email, collaboration, file sharing, and web meeting technologies which had proved to be cumbersome. They sought to make it easier to deliver value to their CEO clients by enhancing communication and collaboration -- connecting team members, clients, and groups of clients.

The Solution

Inc. CEO Project brought in Binary Tree, whose founder was an active member of their peer group advisory service. Binary Tree helped to plan the transition from a diverse and non - integrated set of communications and collaboration tools to the unified capabilities found in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

The project was implemented in three phases.

  • In phase one, Binary Tree set up and configured a new Office 365 tenant environment for Inc. CEO Project and then creating user accounts in the tenant.
  • In the second phase, Inc. CEO Project users were trained in how to use Office 365 with Binary Tree’s e-Learning library of training videos and online courses.
  • Lastly, in phase three, each user’s onboarding was completed by migrating their email and calendar content to their new account in Office 365.

The Results

Inc. CEO Project is now successfully leveraging Office 365 to transform and expedite their communication and collaboration processes. They now all use, and know how to leverage, a common set of tools:

  • Outlook for sending email and scheduling meetings
  • OneDrive for sharing files
  • Microsoft Teams for communicating, sharing, and collaborating – within each CEO peer group, across all clients, and with each other

Sharon McGuire, member specialist with Inc. CEO Project, remarked “I really appreciate this opportunity to work with your team and I know Inc. CEO Project will be a more collaborative company because of this transition to Microsoft Office 365.”


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