French Insurance Company Reduces Costs and Enhances Communications and Agility by Combining Email Systems from Past Mergers


A French mutual insurance company of 26,000 employees needed to merge three messaging infrastructures inherited from past mergers—two instances of Microsoft Exchange and one of Lotus Notes. They worked with Microsoft Consulting Services and Binary Tree to plan their migration, define their requirements and automate their transformation.


The Results

Laying a foundation of best practices for integration and migration

Collaborating with Microsoft, Binary Tree delivered five workshops that provided the client with insight into the coexistence and migration process. The Binary Tree team shared best practices for how to design a unified architecture, establish coexistence, integrate and merge directories, migrate messaging, and ensure change control.

Planning for a smooth transition

Next, the client worked with Microsoft and Binary Tree to design their overall migration strategy. This was detailed in further workshops to create a transition reference architecture, design diagrams, and network diagrams. The client used content from the workshops to send out a comprehensive RFP for their migration.

A successful proof-of-concept

While the client awaited RFP responses on the messaging migration, they engaged Binary Tree for a coexistence proof-of-concept to enable user interoperability between the three legacy messaging infrastructures. Binary Tree deployed trial licenses of Directory Sync Pro and Notes Integration CMT for a limited time.

Integrated and moving towards a unified messaging system

The trial period was a success, so the client decided to move forward with the Binary Tree products, both for their initial coexistence needs and for their eventual migration. A Binary Tree partner who proposed using Binary Tree’s Exchange Pro and Notes Migrator CMT software won the migration portion of the project.


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