Merging Financial Companies Reduce Costs and Enhance Collaboration by Consolidating Their Active Directory Infrastructures


Two financial services companies in Texas were merged to form a new, larger and stronger corporate entity. To gain cost efficiencies from the merger and help the 1,000 employees of the newly-combined organization collaborate smoothly, they needed to merge their Active Directory domains.


A financial holding company merges an acquisition with a subsidiary

A Texas-based financial holding company acquired a financial securities firm and merged it with one of its subsidiaries in the same area of business. One of the first orders of business for IT was to consolidate the Active Directory (AD) environments of the two companies to provide it with a unified and streamlined infrastructure.

Relying on a proven technology services partner

The client tapped a trusted Microsoft partner with an established M&A practice to help them integrate and merge the two Active Directory environments. The Microsoft partner considered the requirements for automating the integration and consolidation of the client’s environments and evaluated Binary Tree’s Active Directory Pro and Directory Sync Pro software solutions.

The right automation software made it easier to consolidate domains

Binary Tree did a series of demos to show the Microsoft partner how to integrate the domains with Directory Sync Pro and consolidate them with Active Directory Pro. The client also wanted to see the software in action, so Binary Tree helped them execute a successful proof of concept. The client found that Binary Tree’s software met their needs and adapted to the complexities of their directory environment. The Microsoft partner is now in the process of using Binary Tree’s software to streamline and automate the consolidation of the client’s AD environments.


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