Financial Powerhouse Enhances Collaboration After an Acquisition by Merging Email and Directories While Meeting Strict Regulations


Merging companies is never easy. But when you’re in the highly-regulated world of finance, integrating IT environments can be even trickier. So, when a global financial operator needed to combine its messaging and directories after an acquisition, it turned to Binary Tree’s flexible migration software—and an experienced team with a history of M&A success.


A merger that meets financial regulations

A global operator of financial exchanges recently acquired a financial data services company. To help the 5,500 employees of the new combined company collaborate effectively, they needed to integrate their Active Directory and Exchange environments. But there was a wrinkle—they would be required to unite these systems while meeting the standards of the highly-regulated financial industry. Specifically, they had to achieve their objectives without the benefit of a trust relationship between the AD environments.

Flexible migration software for any enterprise transformation

The financial organization selected Binary Tree’s migration solutions for their flexibility in accommodating mergers and acquisitions—even while meeting the stringent requirements of the financial services industry. Binary Tree’s Active Directory Pro, which includes Directory Sync Pro for integrating the AD environments, is enabling them to consolidate their AD environments while meeting industry regulations. And Binary Tree’s Exchange Pro is enabling them to consolidate their Exchange messaging systems without disrupting their users.

Above and beyond

From sharing best practices for merging financial organizations and mitigating the migration risks to setting up a proof of concept in their environment, Binary Tree’s experienced migration professionals guided the client every step of the way.


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