A seamless transition from a complex global environment ensures business-as-usual in a facilities services divestment

“This was the smoothest migration we have ever had and we would definitely use Cloud Essentials and the Binary Tree toolset again if we need to do another migration!”

— Alan Quinn, CFO, Empact Group

The Challenge

A key challenge was to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations for both end-users and clients throughout the tenant migration process.

The move was further complicated by the need for 3 domains to be migrated, plus a number of systems that were not running optimal operating system versions. In addition, many staff work remotely which would limit the opportunities for physical intervention when activating the switch over.

There were also 13 separate historic businesses that had to be accounted for when it came to supporting email traffic from its long-standing customer base.

The Solution

A core component of setting up a separate IT environment was the creation of a new Active Directory (AD) service into which all existing user profiles, servers and other objects needed to be migrated. Binary Tree’s Active Directory Pro solution allowed the AD migration to take place seamlessly, and enabled all three domains to be migrated from one central console.

Active Directory Pro allowed users to move across to the new network without being in the office, addressing the problem of the highly distributed workforce. It also helped meet the challenge of getting their mix of older servers and client systems migrated.

Binary Tree’s Power365® SaaS solution enabled the Compass Group and the new Empact domain to coexist during the transition, allowing users to email each other and schedule appointments, regardless of whether they were still on the old domain or had been migrated to the new tenant.

The Results

Along with a seamless migration, the project surpassed the Groups' expectations of the timelines required for completion. This had the effect of reducing costs by requiring only one month of Microsoft license overlap.

Danie du Preez, Senior Systems Engineer at Empact Group confirms: “The tools used during the migration simplified and streamlined the process. This freed up time for us to attend other concerns as we paved the way for our move to Azure."


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