Desjardins Banks on Binary Tree to Move their 60,000 Lotus Notes Users to Microsoft Exchange

“Everything has gone exceptionally well and according to plan. Binary Tree’s onsite technical support team helped design our solution…and then some. They went to great lengths to work around our own issues, as well as those with Lotus Notes. They truly demonstrated that the success of the entire engagement was in their hands and they were always willing to make suggestions. I would definitely recommend Binary Tree for a future migration project.”

— David Lauzon, Messaging Architect at Desjardins


Project Overview

Desjardins was updating their technology platform to better integrate with Microsoft’s productivity stack and provide more synergy among its employees. At the recommendation of Microsoft, the company reached out to Binary Tree and selected its CMT for Exchange and CMT Coexistence solutions as the standards of excellence for migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange.

Planning and Preparing the Domino Directory for Migration

From a technical standpoint, the project plan started with each group’s designated IT support person compiling a master list for the Outlook deployment. As the database starting coming together, it became apparent that complexities stemming from multiple accounts in multiple domains in the Domino Directory were going to be a challenge.

The technical team at Desjardins had to find the principal account for a single user among six or more names in use. In fact, 20 different domains existed throughout the company. With the help of some validation tools, they were able to find the principal account in order to match each individual from the source database with their new name in the destination database.

As part of the deployment, Desjardins assigned a team of three individuals who not only tackled the database matching issues, but also worked with users to answer all of their questions about the migration and the new Exchange platform, prior to the transition.


Customizing the Interoperability Between Domino and Exchange

The multitude of domain names in the Domino Directory, along with a few issues with Notes, made it challenging to establish coexistence and interoperability between the Domino and Exchange environments. Binary Tree customized the CMT for Coexistence implementation in Desjardins’ unique environment to enhance the interoperability between their migrated and un-migrated users.

Helping Desjardins Migrate Their 60,000 Users

The actual migration was set up on a staging server with a 30-day cutoff from the origination date. Each migration event took a little over four hours at night to process. By limiting the migration to 30 days of email per mailbox, Desjardins was able to accelerate the project and limit the amount of data being migrated into Exchange.

According to Lauzon, “Binary Tree was with us all the way—overall, their support was phenomenal. They worked along side us with great efficiency and made changes to address our specific questions and needs. Thanks to Binary Tree, we’ve accomplished our goal of creating an environment where users can communicate and collaborate throughout the company.”

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