'World’s Most Popular Cruise Line’ migrates Notes applications

Challenge: Building modern ships with legacy tools

Carnival is always dreaming up new, transformed ships to delight their passengers. But to manage their process to build new ships, they were using a legacy system called DOCUMATION, which was slowing them down. The system was highly customized, which meant their IT vendor—Time Technology—was struggling to give them the level of support they needed. To complicate things even more, there was very little system documentation available, and many of the resources who were familiar with the system had left the company.

Solution: A low-code migration

In an earlier project, Carnival replaced its ship safety management system based on Notes and Domino with one based on Binary Tree’s Domino and Notes Application Migrator. So they decided on Binary Tree as a possible solution for the shipbuilding team, too.

The project kicked off with a proof of concept to showcase the solution in action. The client liked what they saw, so they decided to move forward with a full migration.

First up, the migration utilities were built and helped with the application architecture. Because there was little system documentation, they had to reverse-engineer and re-build the application from the ground up.

In conclusion, Carnival migrated more than 10 million design elements and half a TB of data from staging databases using the Domino and Notes Application Migrator tool. 

Results: An ‘in flight’ migration to a modern system

In a year, Carnival was able to re-architect their mission-critical Notes applications  and migrate them to run on a modern database. And they were able to do it without compromising user productivity. Downtime was not an option.

Now, Carnival’s mission-critical shipbuilding system is running on a supported platform, which has helped them stay up to date on their compliance requirements. Plus, it was easy for their users to adopt the new system, as it closely mirrors the look and feel of the old one. 



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