Recreation company merges Office 365 tenants with Power365

“We are very pleased with Binary Tree’s Power365, and even more pleased with the support we received from the Binary Tree team. I sent a late-night email, not expecting an immediate response. Instead, what happened was everyone jumped in and got to work. What a great experience!”

—Mike Erickson, Manager of Cloud Services for Brunswick


Brunswick Corporation is a leading provider of recreation products worldwide, including marine engines, pleasure boats, fitness equipment, and recreation products. Fun fact: One of their employees invented the popular game of air hockey and the forerunner of the snowboard. Their products are sold and supported by more than 14,000 employees around the world.

They are also always on the lookout for ways to add to their portfolio of fun and fitness. To that end, Brunswick often acquires other recreation companies.


The challenge: Merging tenants of Office 365

Given the pace of their acquisitions, Brunswick needed a quick, repeatable way to integrate new users into Office 365.

The good news: The acquired company was already running their own tenant of Office 365.

The less good news: Out of the box, there’s no easy way to merge tenants of Office 365. Which means Brunswick couldn’t easily share domains or sync old and new email accounts.


The solution: Power365 Mail Migration

That’s where Binary Tree came in. Brunswick had used Binary Tree software on an earlier migration project, so they decided to continue with Binary Tree to simplify this cross-tenant migration.

They used Binary Tree’s Power365 Mail Migration to migrate 170 users in a full-fidelity, multi-pass migration. Power365 let them automatically redirect their end-user Outlook profiles to new, target mailboxes in their primary tenant of Office 365.


“We were impressed with how easy Binary Tree’s Power365 was to set up and run. Fifteen steps, and your Office 365 mailboxes are synced across tenants.”

—Todd Mattes, Email Administrator for Brunswick


The results: Mail Migrated

Within a few weeks, Brunswick had used Power365 to migrate all in-scope  mailboxes to their primary tenant of Office 365.  

The project was a success thanks to a combination of Brunswick’s competent technical team, support from their executives, and professional services from Binary Tree to help work through any issues that came up.

“Mid-project, I sent a late-night email, not expecting an immediate response,” said Mike Erickson, Manager of Cloud Services for Brunswick. “Instead, what happened was the team from Binary Tree jumped in and got to work.”


Next up: More projects with Binary Tree

As part of this project, Binary Tree also trained the Brunswick technical team to use Power365® for future migrations. And now, Brunswick is exploring other software from Binary Tree to help ease future mergers and acquisitions. For example, they’re looking at Binary Tree’s solutions to sync and merge Exchange and Active Directory.


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