Airline Streamlines Collaboration by
Merging Directories

“We’re very positive about our experience with Binary Tree. Their software does exactly what they say it does. And their project team has been very helpful throughout. It’s been a real pleasure working with them.”

— Project Manager, AirFrance-KLM


AirFrance-KLM is a major global air transport player. It is the leading group in terms of intercontinental traffic on departure from Europe. Its main businesses are passenger transportation, cargo transportation, and aeronautical maintenance.

Separate directories became cumbersome

After the merger, Air France and KLM each had their own instance of Active Directory, which was used to manage permissions and accounts for their IT tools, users, and applications.

Over time, these separate AD environments became cumbersome for users and admins alike. There were two of everything: two security contexts, two tool systems, and two ways to administrate. They were even paying two licenses per user. This complexity was becoming difficult to navigate, and it wasn’t easy to add new users, applications, or partners.

A decision was made to change course for the cloud

Then came the decision that set them on a new course. It was decided to move off separate messaging environments of IBM Notes and Microsoft Exchange—and on to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Which means one also needed to unify Active Directory so it could become the single source of truth to manage permissions in Office 365. It was time to consolidate. 

The right software and services were landed upon

Their IT team put the word out for the right vendor to help unify their directories. After evaluating key players in this space, they landed on Binary Tree.  Binary Tree’s Active Directory Pro was chosen to automate their migration to a unified directory. And they enlisted Binary Tree services to help them with the proof of concept.

“Binary Tree helped us set everything up in our test environment,” said the project manager for AirFrance-KLM. “They walked us through how to use the tool so we’d be able to do everything ourselves later in production. And we’re also consulting with them during the migration as things come up.”

Ready for the next leg of their journey

Now, AirFrance-KLM is well on their way to migrating their 24,000 users to a single, unified directory—all with zero downtime.

“This was one of the key goals of the project and a big reason why we chose Binary Tree,” says the Project Manager for AirFrance-KLM. “We didn’t want there to be any disruption to our end users.”

A unified Active Directory will give them a single sign-on across their employees, partners, and customers. They’ll also be able to add new partners and applications more easily. And they no longer have to pay more than one license per user.


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