Local government in Athens, Georgia modernizes to Exchange 2016

“We exclusively use migration tools from Binary Tree for mail migration, directory synchronization, and directory consolidation, as they offer the quality my customers demand at a price point where the value is easy to recognize.”

- Michael Chapman, VP of Cloud and Applications at Corus360


The Athens Clarke County Unified Government (ACCUG) serves 123,000 residents of the smallest county in Georgia, a 70-mile area that includes the cities of Athens, Winterville, and Bogart. The government’s 3,000 employees support everything from public utilities to transportation to fire and police departments. And it also supports systems for the University of Georgia, the largest employer in the area and host to 35,000 students.

The challenge: Stay online 24x7 during the migration

The government needed to modernize its messaging from legacy IBM Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange on-premises. They wanted to be able to integrate more easily with third-party solutions and better support emerging business initiatives.

But the migration posed a unique challenge. Given that they work around the clock to support their constituents, with 24x7 service, they couldn’t afford down time for even a minute during the transition.

The right partner and software: Corus360 + Binary Tree

ACCUG set out to look for someone who could help make their migration happen. They wanted to work with someone local. Someone who understood the area and the needs of small government. Corus360 fit the bill.

Based out of Norcross, Georgia, Corus360 is an IT firm that helps clients build, recover, and transform their IT environment. They were an ideal partner to help guide the government through its migration to Microsoft.

And Corus360 suggested the ideal migration software for the job: Binary Tree’s Notes Migrator | CMT. It’s a complete solution to move emails and calendars from Notes to anywhere, including Exchange. And it lets users keep working during the migration, which is exactly what the government needed.

“When combined with experience and tested processes, Binary Tree tools are an essential part of successful migrations,” says Michael Chapman, VP of Cloud and Applications at Corus360.

The right level of planning and testing

For six months, the team from Corus360 worked with ACCUG on their proven process to plan the project and set everything up. They started by building the on-premises Exchange environment. Then they used Notes Migrator | CMT to do a series of pilots and speed tests to see how quickly they could migrate in government’s actual environment.

This helped the team double-check that everything would migrate as expected. It also helped them put together an accurate forecast for how long the real migration would take.

The results: 98% fidelity and zero downtime

Thanks to this upfront planning and testing, Corus360 was able to use Notes Migrator | CMT to quickly and accurately migrate 3,000 mailboxes, shared calendars, and rooms/resources—all in a single weekend. This resulted in a migration that was:

  • Quick: Notes Migrator | CMT let them set up multiple migration workers, each working concurrently to handle different parts of the migration. This saved hours of transition time.
  • Accurate: 98% of the email and calendar content migrated over exactly as expected, which was well within the fidelity levels they’d agreed on ahead of time.
  • User-friendly: Notes Migrator | CMT preserves the ability for users to reply to old messages. Which means users didn’t lose any valuable functionality.

Best of all, there was zero downtime, so everyone’s email and calendars stayed up and running throughout. As a result, the migration was dubbed a success.

Next up: Ongoing Exchange support

ACCUG was so pleased with the expertise and support from Corus360 that they decided to keep the collaboration going. Corus360 will continue to help the government out with ongoing Exchange support.

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