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Binary Tree publishes articles on improving IT cloud, M&A and modernization initiatives. Read the latest posts for news, insights, best practices and solutions for transforming Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and IBM Notes/Domino.

Are you M&A ready?

Are You MNA Ready.png Many of the best practices to prepare your people and processes for an M&A also overlap with your broader digital transformation journey. So, it is effort well spent to put some thought in now, as it will benefit your organization on several levels. Here are examples . . . .

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Beware of SmartCloud End-of-Life Risks

SmartCloud EOL Risks.png Here are the 5 risks you need to be aware of if you decide to continue running SmartCloud after it’s EOL date of July 16, 2020.

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Creating an M&A Playbook

MnA playbook.png Put together an M&A playbook that describes how your technology team approaches an M&A. Document common factors, risks, or challenges that can speed—or impede—the M&A.

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5 Key Collaboration Capabilities that are Imperative for Your M&A Day 1

Key Collaboration Capabilities Mergers Day 1 A critical milestone during a merger or acquisition for enterprise end-users is Day 1. Here are five key collaboration capabilities that are imperative for your end users on Day 1.

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Thinking that M&A is just another IT project? . . . . It isn’t

Merger IT project.png IT represents a quarter of the effort in a typical merger. Therefore, it’s little wonder at such a highly charged, high profile, high risk time, when IT is so key to success, that nothing short of a timely, seamless and successful integration is demanded.

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Maximize the Odds of Success During a Merger and Acquisition

Essential Phases of a Merger Acquisition Here are five key phases where CIOs must focus their attention and efforts to maximize the odds of success during a merger and acquisition.

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M&As and Technology Are Interwoven

Tech and MnA interwoven.png Technology is a key driver to M&A outcomes. Enterprises need to embrace new technologies and the complexity of the digital ecosystems that will drive new M&A decisions and ways of thinking, impacting both operating and financial models.

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PowerShell for Power365®

PowerShell for Power365 feature.png As part of our early adopter program, Power365 now supports the new Binary Tree PowerShell module. New CMDLETS to help you automate and script your project for consistent, repeatable and modular solutions.

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What’s New from Binary Tree for September 2019

Binary Tree Whats New Social.png This past month's releases focus on enhancements to Power365® Tenant to Tenant and Power365 Directory Sync.

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SmartCloud End of Life: Turn Lemons into Lemonade and Finally Migrate Notes to Office 365

SmartCloud End of Life solution.png HCL wants to shut down the Softlayer infrastructure on which SmartCloud Notes, Verse, Domino Applications and Connections Cloud were built without offering a new public cloud destination for customers. So, what does this all mean?

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