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GDPR: Rollup of helpful resources

gdpr-privacy.png The GDPR has gone into effect. As you deepen your compliance, here’s a roll-up of resources you might find helpful.

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How SaaS helps power your digital transformation

saas.png Many of our clients are turning to software as a service as the #1 way to power their digital transformation. And our own solutions are headed that way, too.

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Introducing Power365 Directory Sync

Power365 Directory Sync In this new cloud-based service, we help you set up a sync between any mix of on-premises and cloud directories, all so that users in merging organizations can work together from Day One.

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Using the cloud to modernize legacy government systems

gov.jpg Government organizations face unique challenges in moving legacy systems to the cloud. Here are 9 common issues and ways to resolve them.

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Why data governance is key to comply with the GDPR

data-governance.jpg In this age of strict privacy and data laws, data governance is no longer optional. Here’s what it is and why it matters for organizations everywhere.

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Your GDPR Journey, Step 4: Report

gdpr-report.png The last step to becoming compliant with the new privacy law is to take care of the reporting requirements around your processes, user requests, and security breaches.

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How CIOs can help techquisitions succeed

~7975376.jpg When you acquire a digital firm to help accelerate your digital transformation, you should take a unique approach to merging the two companies.

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4 Key Steps to Get Ready for the GDPR

4 Key Steps for GDPR.jpg Complying with the new privacy law’s 160+ new requirements will take time, tools, process, and expertise across your entire business. Here’s how to approach the journey.

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How Office 365 helps with the GDPR

compliance-header.png Office 365 comes with many built-in tools and resources to help you find, manage, protect, and report on data about your customers.

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How CIOs can survive being acquired

~0978736.jpg An acquisition can be an acquired CIO’s chance to shine, both personally and professionally. Here are some things you can do to lead your staff through this time of transition.

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