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Key goals in Active Directory migrations (4 of 4)

4-of-4_ActiveDirectoryMigration-blog.jpg This is the last in our series about the four key goals in Active Directory migrations: accuracy, visibility, efficiency, and security. In this post, we share the criteria you can use to choose migration software that will keep your data secure as you migrate.

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Key goals in Active Directory migrations (3 of 4)

paper-airplanes_shutterstock_43792207-800x460.jpg To run an efficient migration, you need to do some planning and preparation up front. Then you should choose the right solution that lets you automatically migrate even the most complex directories. Here’s how.

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Key goals in Active Directory migrations (2 of 4)

3.jpg As you migrate Active Directory, you need granular visibility at every step of the process. In this post, we share how to discover objects, schedule batches, watch along as they migrate, and even roll back if something goes wrong.

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Key goals in Active Directory migrations (1 of 4)

paper-airplanes_shutterstock_43792207-800x460.jpg When it comes to migrating Active Directory, accuracy can make or break your migration. Literally, as things will break if you don’t migrate objects exactly right. Users might not be able to log in to their computers, applications, printers, or networks. Which can lead to frustration or frantic help desk calls. So to be more accurate, you need to automate.

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August is all about automation

The-value-of-robotic-process-automation1536x1536-300_Standard.jpg Welcome to automation month! We’ll be doing a series of blog posts with tips for using the right software to automate your migrations. We’ll profile our suite of automation products that help speed your journey to Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Active Directory.

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Spring clean before you spring to the cloud

BT_17_img_Spring_1200x630.jpg If you’re thinking about moving your email, applications, or directories to the cloud, your first step is a good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. A deep clean is not only good for the soul, it’s also good for your bottom line. The more time you spend before a migration getting everything sorted, the better your migration will go.

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Tips to plan, move, and manage your transformation

users-migrated.png At Binary Tree, we’ve helped enterprises transform for more than two decades. So we know that moving your data is only part of the effort. There’s also an upfront planning phase and an overall management effort that are often as big if not larger in scope than the move itself. Here are some key tips to consider at each phase to make sure you don’t overrun your schedule, lose data, or disrupt your users.

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4 Goals When Migrating Active Directory

MA.jpg Even though Active Directory is 16 years old, with plenty of industry tips around the ins and outs of how to migrate, it’s no less complex today than when it first came out. And migrations of Active Directory are increasingly more common, particularly with mergers and acquisitions on the rise. When you look past the specifics of any given migration, every owner of a migration project is looking to achieve these 4 simple goals in their migration.

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Automate Your Move from Exchange 2007

BT_Video.png For those of you who are on Microsoft Exchange 2007 (and there are quite a few of you), you are likely thinking about its upcoming end of life. As of April 11, 2017, Microsoft Exchange 2007 reaches the end of its support lifecycle. You can keep it running after that date, but Microsoft will no longer give technical support, bug fixes, or security patches. Which means you should be thinking about a migration.

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