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Binary Tree publishes articles on improving IT cloud, M&A and modernization initiatives. Read the latest posts for news, insights, best practices and solutions for transforming Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and IBM Notes/Domino.

Leverage the Disruptive Effects that the Cloud Creates

Leverage Cloud Disruptions.png Cloud disruptions are moving beyond IT and now impacting business models and the way organizations operate. Assessing disruptions and establishing governance unique to your organization in and outside of your IT teams will enable you for a successful cloud strategy.

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What’s New from Binary Tree for August 2019

Binary Tree Whats New Social.png This past month's releases focus on enhancements to the usability and performance for Power365® Tenant to Tenant and Power365 Directory Sync.

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HCL Announces IBM SmartCloud End of Life - What Are Your Next Steps?

Considerations for IBM SMartCloud Transformations.png The transition off SmartCloud Notes must be gradual and well-planned, especially for larger organizations. Unless an organization can simply turn off SmartCloud Notes overnight or over a weekend and switch everyone to a new platform, there is a need for continued integration between old and new environments.

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The Key to Success in Exploiting Cloud Investments

Exploiting Cloud Investments.png Cloud strategy represents the single most commonly asked-about cloud topic by clients across all industries, with the exception of cloud security. In trying to craft a strategy, most clients seek a singular path to cloud success. However, in successful cloud deployments, multiple paths to success and cloud strategies must be identified.

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Challenges of Managing Costs in the Cloud

Cloud spend challenges.png Enterprises are building more and more multi-cloud environments but are beginning to buckle under the weight of managing and optimizing their various cloud resources. Specifically, cost is becoming a major concern as more and more services and infrastructure are moved to public clouds.

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Rush to the Cloud Creates Risk of Overspending

Cloud Strategy.png The cloud brings unparalleled agility and scalability that enables organizations to innovate faster. Yet many enterprises rush into the cloud without a clear understanding of expected business outcomes or goals. Without governance, cloud spend can easily get out-of-control.

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Schedule Migrations to Eliminate Manual Work and Wasted Hours

Migrations Scheduling.png If you are in the business of migrations or your company conducts regular mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and you need a solution to help you organize, manage and schedule it all - Look no further than Power365®.

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What’s New from Binary Tree for July 2019

Binary Tree Whats New Social.png This past month's releases focus on enhancements to the usability and performance for Power365® Tenant to Tenant, Power365 Directory Sync and Exchange Pro.

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Workload Considerations for M&A Activity

microsoft-teams.png Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships and other organizational alignment activities continue to take place at a rapid pace. And that’s where you need to have some thoughts in place on migration of multiple workloads: from Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint to Teams and more!

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Power365 Migration Can Now Migrate Microsoft Teams

microsoft-teams.png Microsoft Teams is not just this thing that you can pick up and move somewhere else. Teams is a conglomeration of multiple tools, all brought together in one space, where users can collaborate in a variety of ways. So did we have a strategy for Teams?

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