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3 Things to Ask When Preparing IT for a Divestiture

Questions Social.png Good decisions cannot be made without first understanding your technology landscape and how it can make or break the deal. Advanced planning and preparing your IT for the divestiture are fundamental for success. Here are three critical questions you need to ask before preparing your IT department for a transition.

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What’s New from Binary Tree for October 2019

Binary Tree Whats New Social.png This past month's releases focus on enhancements to Power365® Tenant to Tenant and Power365 Directory Sync, plus updates to PowerCI™ Cost Governance.

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4 Options to Automate your Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations

Options to Automate Tenant Migratoins.png On the surface, tenant-to-tenant migrations may seem straightforward. But there are some unique challenges that come when you migrate across tenants of Microsoft Office 365. Here are four options to choose from to automate your tenant-to-tenant migrations.

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How to Synchronize Directories on Day One of Your Merger

How to sync directories Merger.png Welcome to Day One. Your merger is a go. The deal is inked. The due diligence is done. Now, the merging organizations are ready to start working together. Or are they?

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A Quick and Simple 10-Step Process to creating a Unified Global Address List

Unifying GAL 10 steps.png Unifying directories is a key first step in any merger. It’s a small thing that can have a big impact on the overall success of the first few weeks and months of the merger.

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A Modern Super Hero: The Dynamic Role of IT During a Merger and Acquisition

Dynamic Role of IT during Mergers.png IT can be a powerful factor behind M&A success, assuring synergies are realized and ultimately increasing the deal-making capacity of acquirers. Here are re several areas where IT plays a major role.

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Are you M&A ready?

Are You MNA Ready.png Many of the best practices to prepare your people and processes for an M&A also overlap with your broader digital transformation journey. So, it is effort well spent to put some thought in now, as it will benefit your organization on several levels. Here are examples . . . .

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Beware of SmartCloud End-of-Life Risks

SmartCloud EOL Risks.png Here are the 5 risks you need to be aware of if you decide to continue running SmartCloud after it’s EOL date of July 16, 2020.

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Creating an M&A Playbook

MnA playbook.png Put together an M&A playbook that describes how your technology team approaches an M&A. Document common factors, risks, or challenges that can speed—or impede—the M&A.

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5 Key Collaboration Capabilities that are Imperative for Your M&A Day 1

Key Collaboration Capabilities Mergers Day 1.png A critical milestone during a merger or acquisition for enterprise end-users is Day 1. Here are five key collaboration capabilities that are imperative for your end users on Day 1.

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