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Inc. CEO Project Enhances Collaboration with Move to Office 365 Cloud

Inc CEO Project case study listing.jpg Inc. CEO Project sought to make it easier to deliver value to clients by enhancing remote work, communication and collaboration capabilities. They wanted to unify their use of email, collaboration apps, file sharing, and web meeting technologies into a single cloud-based platform.

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6 Online Training Requirements for Microsoft Office 365 Users

Online Training Microsoft 365 listing.jpg The recent, rapid growth of Microsoft Teams has shown that organizations are sold on its potential to energize remote work and collaboration. Unfortunately, Gartner has found that many users are “not sufficiently adept” with Office 365 and Teams. In this post, I will outline 6 key requirements for boosting the proficiency of users with Office 365 and Teams with online training. The goal of these requirements is to improve user productivity and yield higher employee satisfaction, creating a win-win for the organization.

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A 3-Step Approach to Identifying the Proficiency and Productivity Gaps of Microsoft Teams Users

Microsoft Teams Productivity listing.jpg While the adoption of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many organizations have found that their users were not very skilled at using Teams. This is not surprising given the rush to support employees working from home, but now it’s time to start truly helping those remote workers to get the most of using Teams when collaborating with their colleagues.

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Transform Microsoft Teams from a Pandemic Response into a Path to Value

Path to Value listing.jpg Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations rushed to bolster the remote work capabilities of their office workers by onboarding them with tools like Microsoft Teams. While some enterprises provided significant enablement efforts to get their employees productive with the new tools, many more have not done much beyond making Teams available for use.

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Realizing the Value of Microsoft Teams

The Value of Microsoft Teams listing.jpg The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many organizations to ramp up their support for employees working from home. The recent surge of new Microsoft Teams users may be a move of necessity for many right now, but most organizations will realize the value of Teams now and into the future. A Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft sheds light on the potential benefits of Teams.

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The 4 Key Problems of Legacy Collaboration Systems

Problems of Legacy Collaboration Systems listing.jpg Many organizations are still using legacy, on-premises point solutions for communications and collaboration. These systems were causing issues and limiting the effectiveness of their employees even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced their workforce to work from home. Forrester outlines four key problems organizations face that are caused by the use of legacy communication and collaboration systems.

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The Amazing Growth of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Growth listing.jpg What a difference a year can make. Last April, Forrester published a study commissioned by Microsoft on The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams. And while the findings of the study still ring true and show clear benefits to those that adopt Teams, no one could have predicted the mass surge of new users that has happened since then due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spring Ahead: Keeping the IT House in Order

Spring Bee Flower listing image.jpg While most IT leaders would agree that keeping the IT house in order is very much a year-round effort, spring brings a reminder to pull out the white gloves and take a closer look for any technical debt hiding in the dusty corners.

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Managing Active Directory: Who Owns This Responsibility?

Game Board.jpg How do you split the management responsibility around Active Directory? In this article, we breakdown a few executive points of views from around the enterprise organization.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Culture Hacking

Accelerate Transformation.png Change aversion stymies transformation more than any other factor. Unwieldy change programs do not get to the heart of the problem — how mindsets invisibly shape responses to change. CIOs should take small steps that unlock growth mindsets and accelerate change.

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