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Binary Tree publishes articles on improving IT cloud, M&A and modernization initiatives. Read the latest posts for news, insights, best practices and solutions for transforming Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and IBM Notes/Domino.

5 tips for automating your migration

Migration Readiness.png Binary Tree shares 5 best practices to help you automate the migration of your directories, messaging, or applications.

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Getting Active Directory ready for a bulletproof migration

Cloud Migrations Direction.png In this post, we talk about the single most important thing you need to do before starting any AD migration. Many organizations neglect to do this step, only to later find their project at a standstill.

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Challenges of mergers and acquisitions in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

BT_17_img_Office365Challenges_550x375.jpg When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s), it’s often a race against the clock. And when it comes to M&As in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, you face a unique set of challenges that might force you to cut corners. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still get the job done quickly without compromising productivity.

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3 steps to consolidate Active Directory after a merger

BT_17_ConsolidateActiveDirectory1.jpg After day one of your merger or acquisition, it’s time to get going on the broader IT consolidation. You’ll usually want to merge separate Active Directory environments into a single, streamlined instance. Here are three key steps to make this happen.

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Challenges of merging messaging between tenants of Office 365

power365-integration.jpg Picture this: You’ve just acquired two companies, and all three of you are running different tenants of Office 365. So you need to merge everyone under the same umbrella, to a single tenant. And you need to do it fast. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest thing to do. There are some unique challenges that come with merging tenants of Office 365. Here are some of the challenges you might face , along the way.

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August is all about automation

The-value-of-robotic-process-automation1536x1536-300_Standard.jpg Welcome to automation month! We’ll be doing a series of blog posts with tips for using the right software to automate your migrations. We’ll profile our suite of automation products that help speed your journey to Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Active Directory.

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How CIOs can drive adoption of Office 365

cio-cloud.png We all know the promise of Microsoft Office 365 — that it can lower costs, increase ROI, and help users work smarter. But it can do this only if your users adopt it. Rolling out the software itself is often the easy part. Getting people to use it is the real challenge. If your users are slow to embrace the full power of Office 365, you’re not alone. Many organizations are still working to fully adopt the Microsoft Cloud. As CIO, there are several key things you can do to accelerate this process.

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6 tips to plan your digital transformation

6 tips to plan your digital transformation Everyone’s talking about digital transformation, but it’s often unclear how to get there. It can be a huge challenge to get off legacy systems, not to mention reimagine the way your employees do their jobs. So the first place to start is with a plan. We’ve often found that helping our clients with this plan can take as much or more time as the transformation itself.

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