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A Seamless Migration of a Remote Workforce for a Food Services Divestment

Empact Case Study listing.jpg The Southern Africa operations of one of the largest food service companies in the world was being divested and needed to migrate their users, identities, mail, and OneDrive content, to a new IT environment.

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Mergers and Acquisitions: Making or Breaking IT Integration

IT Integrations Mergers Acquisitions Whether it is a singular event or continuous activity, mergers and acquisitions are always complex and challenging. Here is the most important advice we can give you in order to increase your chances of success: integrate your IT as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Giving Your Active Directory an Annual Health Check

Health Check Vital Signs.jpg Being proactive with the health of your Active Directory reduces risks, improves management efficiency and facilitates Active Directory integration with other identity repositories, identity governance and administration tools.

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3 Priorities for Preventing Compromise of Administrative Credentials from Cyberattacks

Prevent Admin Credentials from Cyber Attack.jpg Cyberattackers attempt to rapidly gain administrative access to computing environments. These devastating attacks can result in malicious actors with full remote access to most or all of an organization’s electronic documents, databases and other intellectual property. Here a 3 priorities for preventing compromise of admin credentials from cyberattacks.

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Myth: A Divestiture is Merely an Acquisition in Reverse

Divestiture Acquistion Reverse.png Divestitures certainly share multiple attributes with acquisitions. But divestitures are often more complex than acquisitions, with more moving parts.

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IT and Divestitures: 4 Use Cases Every CIO Should Know About

Divestitures Social.png A review OF the different divestiture use cases and how CIOs can evaluate each through the lens of their company’s drivers, and tailor their IT transition strategies to address the unique demands of each.

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3 Things to Ask When Preparing IT for a Divestiture

Questions Social.png Good decisions cannot be made without first understanding your technology landscape and how it can make or break the deal. Advanced planning and preparing your IT for the divestiture are fundamental for success. Here are three critical questions you need to ask before preparing your IT department for a transition.

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How to Synchronize Directories on Day One of Your Merger

How to sync directories Merger.png Welcome to Day One. Your merger is a go. The deal is inked. The due diligence is done. Now, the merging organizations are ready to start working together. Or are they?

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A Quick and Simple 10-Step Process to Creating a Unified Global Address List

Unifying GAL 10 steps.png Unifying directories is a key first step in any merger. It’s a small thing that can have a big impact on the overall success of the first few weeks and months of the merger.

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A Modern Super Hero: The Dynamic Role of IT During a Merger and Acquisition

Dynamic Role of IT during Mergers.png IT can be a powerful factor behind M&A success, assuring synergies are realized and ultimately increasing the deal-making capacity of acquirers. Here are re several areas where IT plays a major role.

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