Quest + Binary Tree Jump-Start Microsoft Ignite

For me as a consultant for migrations - awesome news. Best of two worlds are getting combined! So 200% customer satisfaction in near future! Win-Win for everyone!"

– Quest + Binary Tree Table Talk participant at Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite 2020 | Binary Tree

There is so much about 2020 that has led to new experiences, many unknowns, and discoveries of new ways to accomplish previous norms.  Yesterday, as we all began to experience the start of a virtual Microsoft Ignite 2020, no one really knew what to expect.  How would we be able to engage with each other? How could we share on our experiences, our pressing projects, our ideas for innovation, and the big news in technological modernization (Binary Tree joining Quest, perhaps?)??

On September 22, Quest and Binary Tree kicked off Ignite with a highly-engaged roundtable forum with customers, partners, and industry experts to talk about the acquisition as well as on-going challenges facing migrations across the globe.  We were blown away with the responses and engagement from the amazing audience!  From the very first question “What did you first think when you heard the news of the acquisition” the participants were showing their passion for these two (now one!) great companies.

We came away from our session feeling great about the excitement that this union of Binary Tree and Quest teams, products, services and innovation is already generating in the industry.  Customers are engaged and anxious to hear about the ways that we can all now build even more powerful, efficient, and automated migration solutions to aid in their transformations, mergers & acquisitions, and more.   Our services partner communities were engaged to learn more about the benefits of a larger, dynamic organizations – including joining the expansive Quest Partner Circle, for Binary Tree partners.

And we also got to cover the challenges facing many of you in migrations, with adding capabilities to Teams migrations (including Microsoft Stream) repeatedly coming up as a top priority.  Coexistence was also a hot topic, and we discussed how integration between tenants, especially during M&A activity, can be critical to success – not only of data migration, but in creating and maintaining collaboration and productivity across the unified organization. 

We are glad to know that so many attendees are just as excited about Quest and Binary Tree as we are.  To keep up-to-date with more on the acquisition, reach out to your Quest or Binary Tree representative or learn more at