What’s New from Binary Tree for September 2020

New from Binary Tree September 2020

Each month, we publish our “What’s New” blog series to give a snapshot into the exciting developments in our solution over the last month.  You can also sign up to receive product release notifications, here.

This time, as we head towards the end of Summer, we will take a break in the regular, monthly updates, and instead, look back at some of the highlights from Binary Tree in 2020, so far – including, Quest acquiring Binary Tree, some major additions to the Power365 lineup, solutions to facilitate Microsoft 365 adoption and remote learning, and tools for our partners and customers alike to have faster and more efficient migrations!

Two major introductions to the Power365 Lineup

At the start of 2020, we introduced Power365 Active Directory, the Software-as-a-Service counterpart to the industry-leading Active Directory Pro.  Power365 Active Directory migrates and integrates Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers. Customers have found that with Power365 Active Directory, it is a breeze to migrate and integrate users, mail, content, and directories to new tenants.

In July, we unveiled the new Power365 Migration Trial and self-service capabilities. Dozens of customers have already tried the experience – without limits on data or sync passes – including OneDrive content to get the full experience of Power365.  With automatic discovery and matching, you can test Power365 over a two-week period for up to three licenses, to gain added confidence in selecting Power365 to solve your tenant transformation project.  And, with a seamless, integrated, and secure payment portal, you can buy up to 500 Power365 Migration licenses, immediately – all on your schedule.

Making transformations more efficient and effective

From expanding automatic configuration solutions for easier migrations to tremendously accelerating discovery processes, 2020 has seen many inventive answers to migration efficiency challenges, including:

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Expanded Applications of Solutions

We have continued to add significant features to our products, including broadening the application of Binary Tree’s solutions to cover the multinational businesses we serve. 

  • Australian instance of Power365 – expanding the global footprint, in addition to Europe, China, and the United States;
  • PowerShell API – expanded capabilities giving more controls to partners and customers to manage multiple projects, simultaneously;
  • Multi-cloud environment support – Power365 Integration Pro expands project application
  • Integrated Power365 Directory Sync –Power365 Integration and Integration Pro projects have the most powerful coexistence features available;
  • B2B account support – in Power365 Tenant to Tenant and Power365 Directory Sync projects, Microsoft Guest accounts are supported by utilizing Azure AD B2B solutions.

Enabling Collaboration and Virtual Workforces

And finally, a dominant theme for all of us in 2020 has been the rapid increase of remote working and virtual offices.  We have continued to work to facilitate new ways of working, across the globe, including:

  • e-Learning integration – Binary Tree’s eLearning is now integrated within both Power365 and even your own Teams environment, if you choose, for easier access in efficiently adopting Microsoft 365’s tools and solutions;
  • Cloud-only and mixed-environment coexistence – in supporting the growth of remote working and virtual offices, Power365 Integration and Integration Pro now have expanded coexistence capabilities;
  • Teams migration enhancements – enabling customers to move users, groups, channels, conversation history, permissions, metadata, roles, mailboxes, files, folders, content and more.

Binary Tree Joins Quest

At the start of September 2020, Quest Software acquired Binary Tree, bringing together the industry leaders in Active Directory transformations, Tenant-to-Tenant migrations, and Notes to Microsoft evolutions.  Specifically, Quest and Binary Tree share similar strengths:  Active Directory consolidation and migration, enterprise-level customer migration, and SaaS-based Office 365 tenant migration. Together, we will be even stronger to offer the best-in-class solutions for collective customers modernizing their Microsoft environment – including on-premises, cloud, or even hybrid configurations.  While the companies work in joining forces, you can rest assured Binary Tree products will continue to be supported by the top-notch people you have always trusted. We are excited for the future.

So, in short, that is a recap on an incredibly busy first eight months of 2020 at Binary Tree.  And we are continuing to work hard to meet the evolving IT needs for our customers and partners.  We look forward to working with you, and if you have any future project or product ideas (even for products that we do not currently offer) that would make your transformations even better, please let us hear from you!

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