How to Help Your Users Select and Use the Right Office 365 App

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As a user of Microsoft Office 365, making the effective use of the communication and collaboration applications in the Microsoft cloud service is challenging. Microsoft’s lineup of apps included in an Office 365 subscription is constantly evolving and many of them have overlapping capabilities. This causes confusion for your users. 

Here’s some of the dilemmas they are likely facing 

  • Which app should I use for conversation and messaging?  
    Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Outlook all have these capabilities. 
  • Which app should I use to store and share documents?  
    Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint all have these capabilities. 
  • Which app should I use to manage tasks and activities? 
    Tasks, To Do, and Planner all have these capabilities and Planner can be added as a tab within Teams. 

Issues like this make it difficult for users to understand how the apps relate to each other and which apps should be used for specific types of communication and collaboration activities. And confused users form roadblocks to organizations that are attempting to realize and optimize the investment they are making in the Microsoft cloud. 

IT application leaders who drive digital workplace initiatives need to help their users understand how and when to use each app in Office 365. They can’t assume users will “pick this up” by themselves. Providing the right guidance is critical. IT needs to train and support their users to know which Office 365 app to use, and how, for each of the common tasks they need to perform.  

For help with determining which applications to use, Microsoft offers the Office 365 Productivity Library which provides guidance on use cases by industry and role. In addition, if you are a Gartner subscriber, see the research note “Help Employees Select the Right Microsoft Office 365 Tools” as it provides guidance, charts, and tables on when to use which Office 365 app. 

For help with training your users how  to use the apps in Microsoft Office 365, Binary Tree is here to guide your organization every step of the way and show your users the ropes. Our e-Learning library for Microsoft 365 keeps your team up to speed and productive. Take a video tour of our library today.