Shaping Culture as a Remote Workforce

Shaping Culture as a Remote Workforce | Binary Tree

The culture of many organizations has changed dramatically in response to the immediate work from home business demands. CEOs are now interested in the impacts of alternative organizational constructs such as multidisciplinary teams, self-organization and functional versatility. To keep up with the pace and stay ahead of the curve, business units within an organization can no longer function as an isolated, closed environment focused primarily on their individual set of skills.

Here are 3 key CEO priorities in shaping culture and scaling business transformation as a remote workforce:

1.  Leave legacy behind and adopt new mindsets for where expertise fits into the enterprise mosaic and accept broader involvement with business stakeholders and colleagues.

2.  Understand how language, practices and behaviors have impacted the culture of the organization during work from home periods.

3.  Lead change to a culture that best fits the enterprise strategy while improving human work contribution and experience.

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